This post shows what images, image alignment and galleries look like with this theme.

The image below was inserted with no alignment as a full sized image.  Original size was 640 pixels wide by 480.  When viewed on a mobile friendly theme the image changes sizes depending on the device used.

Are you looking at me?

Are you looking at me?

Image Alignment

I'm not looking!

I’m not looking!

Images can be inserted using none, left, right and center.

When smaller images are inserted with left or right alignment the text wraps around the image.

This shows what text looks wrapped around a 250 x 166 image which is right aligned.

Image Gallery

Image galleries are a great way to display a small set of images easily into a post or page.

Below is what an image gallery looks like on this theme when images inserted as medium sized.  Click on an image in the gallery to see what it looks like on its attachment page!