Featured Images

Featured images have been set for all posts on this blog because some themes are designed to have featured images set.  Featured image are theme dependent.  Not all themes support featured images and how the image is displayed on themes that support featured image varies.

We’ve disabled featured images on any theme that supports featured images if the featured images doesn’t enhance the look of the theme.  You can disable featured images using the Advanced Settings Plugin if you switch from a theme that needs featured images set to a theme that looks better without featured images.

The featured image size used was 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels.  This size displays well on most themes.

Exceptions are the following themes:

  • Hiero – requires a rectangular featured image.
  • Magazino –  uses the featured image in the homepage slider and image in post for the home page grid.
  • Rectangulum – requires a rectangular featured image.
  • Sixteen – requires a rectangular featured image.
  • Snaps – requires a rectangular featured image.
  • Snapshot – requires a rectangular featured image.

These themes display better with the correct featured image size.

If you change to a theme that uses different featured image dimensions you can regenerate the images for the new theme using Renegerate Thumbnails plugin.

Featured images are used in a range of different ways on themes:

  1. Blog post homepage – may appear as a thumbnail image with the post title (Boardwalk, Cubic, Fifteen, Fontfolio), image with post excerpt (Briks, Celebrate, Coller, Dellow, Freak, Griffin, iTek, Oblique, Rectangulum, Surfarama ), image with full post, or as a background behind the post or post excerpt (Intergalactic, Pique and Radcliffe).
  2. Post page – above or below the post title on the individual post or individual page.
  3. Header – Featured image can appear in the header on an individual post or an individual page. Themes that do this include Adler, Canard, Clearly, Coherent, Cubic, Ecto, Fortunato, Gazette, Harmonic, Landscape, Lovecraft, Lyretail, Pictorico, Radcliffe, Rectangulum and Resonar.
  4. Sidebar – Featured image can appear in the sidebar on an individual post or individual page.  Themes that do this include Bushwick, Cruzy, Dyad and Eryn.