Post Formats

Themes that support post formats allows you to change how your post looks based on the content type in the post.  Post Formats is theme dependent.  Some themes offer all ten formats, others have fewer and some themes don’t support post formats.  The appearance of post formats varies based on the theme used.

We’ve added each of the following post formats to this blog and if the theme supports the post format the appearance of the post is changed on the blog post homepage:

  • Aside
  • Image
  • Video
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Gallery
  • Status
  • Audio
  • Chat

Examples of themes that support distinctive post formats include:

  • Aries, Blogsy lite, Hemingway, Trvl- Quote Post Format.
  • Button – Gallery Post Format
  • BonPress, Chun, Cute Frame, Flounder, Food and Diet, Identity, Independent Publisher, Minnow, Scratchpad